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ms21916j16-1i-tubing-reducer-1-to-3-4 Image

MS21916J16-1I, Tubing Reducer 1" to 3/4"

NSN: 4730-00-817-8316
Tubing Reducer 1" to 3/4". Military part no. MS21916J16-1I. 304 stainless. NSN 4730008178316
SMID: 132-5538-307
Condition: New

kaman-bearing-pn-ksc394240u Image

Kaman Bearing PN KSC394240U

Kaman Bearing. Part no. KSC394240U. Type P2-L7. 2 ea available.
SMID: 132-5539-593
Condition: New

skf-bearing-pn-gez208es2rs Image

SKF Bearing PN GEZ208ES2RS

SKF Bearing. Part no. GEZ 208 ES-2RS. 4 ea available.
SMID: 132-5540-334
Condition: New

skf-bearing-pn-yel2112002f Image

SKF Bearing PN YEL2112002F

SKF Bearing. Part no. YEL 211 200-2F. 4 ea available.
SMID: 132-5541-010
Condition: New

2413-0025t-0005-teledyne-taber-pressure-transducer Image

2413-0025T-0005, Teledyne Taber Pressure Transducer

Teledyne Taber Pressure Transducer. Part no 2413-0025T-0005. 0-5 PSI. Serial no. 846410
SMID: 132-5874-273
Condition: New

wire-cable-clevis-end Image

Wire Cable Clevis End

Swageless Wire rope Clevis End. Number on part 40300LSN3056. Compression style connector, for 3/8 inch cable. Stainless steel, 11 ea available.
SMID: 132-5875-186
Condition: New

sherwood-m71-raw-water-pump Image

Sherwood M71 Raw Water Pump

Sherwood M71 Raw Water Pump. Rubber impeller, serial no. 07284
SMID: 132-6217-967
Condition: New

basler-apr-63-5-voltage-regulator Image

Basler APR 63-5 Voltage Regulator

Basler APR 63-5 Voltage Regulator.240 / 480 VAC Sensing. Includes Rheostat for fine voltage adjust
SMID: 132-6230-946
Condition: Good

floor-mount-vibration-isolator Image

Floor Mount Vibration Isolator

Floor Mount Vibration Isolator. Mason part no. 4C995A. Dimension L 6 1/4 Inches, Deflection Range 0.25-0.50 Inches, Capacity Range 1150-2300 Pounds, Bolt Diameter 1/2 Inches, Cap Screw Diameter 1/2 x 1 Inches, Width 4 Inches. 2 ea available.
SMID: 132-6294-627
Condition: New

baldwin-air-filter-pa-2815 Image

Baldwin Air Filter PA 2815

NSN: 2940-01-389-9052
Baldwin Air Filter. Part no. PA2815. 2 available. NSN 2940013899052
SMID: 132-6493-521
Condition: New

vdo-pressure-sender-080780 Image

VDO Pressure Sender 080780

VDO Pressure Sender. Part no. 080780. 2 ea available
SMID: 132-6493-710
Condition: New

nason-adjustable-temp-switch Image

Nason Adjustable Temp Switch

Nason Adjustable Temp Switch. Part no. HT-2C-200J/56. Adjustable switch range 160 - 240 Deg F. Connections for Normally open, Normally closed positions. 2 ea available.
SMID: 132-6731-723
Condition: New

pricol-temp-gauge Image

Pricol Temp Gauge

Pricol Temp Gauge. 100-250 deg F. Electric
SMID: 132-6732-143
Condition: New

international-bell-housing-111313 Image

International Bell Housing 111313

International Bell Housing. Part no. 111313
SMID: 132-6821-996
Condition: Excellent
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right-angle-cable-drive-adapter Image

Right Angle Cable Drive Adapter

Right Angle Cable Drive Adapter. Reliance part no. CC-1010. 1:1 ratio. 2 available.
SMID: 132-6905-017
Condition: Excellent

gg3-615-graco-spray-gun-paint-nozzle Image

GG3-615, GRACO Spray Gun Paint Nozzle

NSN: 4940-01-462-5485
Spray Gun Paint Nozzle. Graco part no. GG3-615. Fan width at 10 inches is 12-14 inches. Orifice size 0.015 inch. 10 ea available. NSN 4940014625485
SMID: 132-7426-408
Condition: New

donaldson-muffler Image

Donaldson Muffler

Donaldson muffler. 3 inch inlet on 4 inch square flange. Muffler 15 inches long by 7 inches wide. Number MUMO 7 0055 stamped on body.
SMID: 132-8291-141
Condition: Good

24-vdc-centrifugal-pump Image

24 VDC Centrifugal Pump

NSN: 4320-00-292-2575
P400F, Weldon 24 VDC Centrifugal Pump. Serial no. 03464. 80 GPM. 3/8 inch flare fitting suction and discharge. Used. NSN 4320002922575
SMID: 132-8304-628
Condition: As is

flywheel-sae-3-10 Image

Flywheel SAE 3-10

Flywheel, SAE 3-10. Unknown manufacture. Also has mounting bolts stepped in center 5 3/4" across (4 ea). Has casting no 45K1123.
SMID: 132-9940-816
Condition: Excellent

delco-generator-drive-plates Image

Delco Generator Drive Plates

Delco Generator Drive Plates. Holingsworth part no. 02032
SMID: 132-9943-836
Condition: Excellent

d-g-o-brien-sender Image

D.G. O' brien Sender

D.G. O'Brien Sender. Part no. 103-16-5P-1042
SMID: 133-0358-719
Condition: New

morse-33-c-supreme-control-cable Image

Morse 33-C Supreme Control Cable

NSN: 2990-01-383-0880
Morse 33-C Supreme Control Cable. 22 ft length. Part no. 301947-003-0264.0. NSN 2990013830880
SMID: 133-0983-339
Condition: New

morse-33-c-supreme-control-cable Image

Morse 33-C Supreme Control Cable

NSN: 2990-00-138-9756
Morse 33-C Supreme Control Cable. 26 ft length. Part no. 301947-003-0312.0. 2 ea available. NSN
SMID: 133-0983-768
Condition: New

morse-33-c-supreme-control-cable Image

Morse 33-C Supreme Control Cable

NSN: 2990-01-372-5721
Morse 33-C Supreme Control Cable. 26 ft length. Part no. 301947-003-0288.0. 2 ea available. NSN 2990013725721
SMID: 133-0984-664
Condition: New

teleflex-3400-control-cable Image

Teleflex 3400 Control Cable

NSN: 2990-01-297-3359
Teleflex 3400 Control Cable. For OMC, Johnson, Evinrude outboard engines. 18 ft long. Comes with CA 27247 engine connection kit. 4 ea available. NSN 2990012973359
SMID: 133-0987-573
Condition: New

morse-33-c-control-cable Image

Morse 33-C Control Cable

NSN: 2990-00-764-6893
Morse 33-C Control Cable. Part no. 32377-003-096.0. 8 ft long. 2 ea available. NSN 2990007646893
SMID: 133-1047-096
Condition: New

circuit-breaker-sub-assembly Image

Circuit Breaker Sub-Assembly

NSN: 5925-01-005-9384
Circuit Breaker Sub-Assembly. SPD Electric part no. 707742-T3. Undervoltage switch KN-902R. NSN 5925010059384
SMID: 133-1572-855
Condition: New

vickers-hydraulic-vane-pump Image

Vickers Hydraulic Vane Pump

Vickers hydraulic vane pump. Model no. V20F1P13P. Includes mounting adapter part no. 5131332 for Detroit Diesel. Includes drive coupling gear pictured.
SMID: 133-4780-794
Condition: Excellent

newage-stamford-var-pf-controller Image

Newage Stamford VAr./PF Controller

Newage Stamford VAr./PF Controller. Type VAr 2, part no. E000-11010. Low hour used.
SMID: 133-4959-119
Condition: Excellent

eaton-hydraulic-pump Image

Eaton Hydraulic Pump

Eaton Hydraulic Pump. Model V20 1P11P 1C11. Pump turns, appears in good condition.
SMID: 133-7008-365
Condition: Good

tu-flo-tf501-compressor Image

Tu-Flo TF501 Compressor

Bendix Tu-Flo TF 501 Compressor. Part no. 2865431. Mounts on rear of Detroit Diesel Engine. Turns well.
SMID: 133-7025-861
Condition: Excellent
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motorola-voltage-regulator Image

Motorola Voltage Regulator

NSN: 2920-00-570-9490
Motorola Voltage Regulator. Part no. 4N361-5-130, 8RH2004A. NSN 2920005709490
SMID: 133-9595-790
Condition: New

military-seat-belt Image

MIlitary Seat Belt

NSN: 2540-01-408-1531
Military Seat Belt. Receiver end only. Part no. RCSK15661. 7 ea available. NSN 2540014081531
SMID: 134-2709-046
Condition: New

zf-forklift-transmission-4wg98ts Image

ZF Forklift Transmission 4WG98TS

NSN: 2520-01-503-7573
ZF Rough Terrain Forklift Transmission. Model no. 4WG98TS. ZF part no. 4660023002. Serial no. TA127002. JLG part no. 8841042. 4 forward, 3 reverse gears. Drive for rear mount hydraulic pump. NSN 2520015037573
SMID: 134-3147-021
Condition: Surplus - New unused

governor-spindle-d59766pc91-99 Image

Governor Spindle D59766PC91-99

NSN: 2825-00-126-4706
Governor Spindle. Curtiss Wright part no. D59766PC91-99. NSN 2825001264706
SMID: 134-3162-701
Condition: New

exhaust-valve-cover-592-4758573 Image

Exhaust Valve Cover 592-4758573

NSN: 4220-01-130-9936
Exhaust Valve Cover. Military part no. 592-4758573. NSN 4220011309936
SMID: 134-3163-405
Condition: New

kimwood-piston-seal-kit Image

Kimwood Piston Seal Kit

NSN: 2040-01-271-6602
Kimwood Piston Seal Kit Part no. L1-5C1. NSN 2040012716602
SMID: 134-3164-404
Condition: New

sgl-auburn-spark-plug-s1-142 Image

SGL Auburn Spark Plug S1-142

S1-142, SGL Auburn - Shielded Spark Igniter. 2 ea available
SMID: 134-3231-481
Condition: New

sliding-bushing-assembly Image

Sliding Bushing Assembly

NSN: 2825-00-146-0131
Sliding Bushing Assembly. Northrop Grumman part no. D15-395LPC462-463. NSN 2825001460131
SMID: 134-3231-654
Condition: New

packing-box Image

Packing Box

NSN: 2825-00-383-6350
1433971AND1433976, Westinghouse / Siemens Packing Box. Military part no. G10032PC48-73. NSN 2825003836350
SMID: 134-3246-504
Condition: New