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alternator-starter-bench-tester Image

Alternator Starter Bench Tester

Alternator Starter Bench Tester, Electro Check Systems 8
SMID: 103-6437-118
Condition: Fair

kwikway-in-place-boring-machine Image

Kwikway in place boring machine

Kwikway in place boring machine
SMID: 103-6438-370
Condition: As is

rowpu-600-1-water-purification-unit-reverse-osmosis Image

ROWPU 600-1 Water Purification Unit, Reverse Osmosis

ROWPU 600-1 Water Purification Unit, Reverse Osmosis. Desalination, Seawater to drinking water. Portabable skid mounted. 600 GPH, 4610-01-093-2380, 4610-01-113-8651.
dimensions 10x6x6H feet, weight 7600 Pounds
SMID: 103-9036-497
Condition: Reconditioned
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rowpu-600-3-water-purification-unit Image

ROWPU 600-3 Water Purification Unit

ROWPU 600-1, ROWPU 600, ROWPU 600-3 Water Purification Unit, Reverse Osmosis. Desalination, Seawater to drinking water. Portabable skid mounted. 600 GPH, 4610-01-093-2380, 4610-01-113-8651. Univox serial MC-297, US Marines. Also carry spare RO membranes for this unit.
Dimensions: 10x7x6 feet, weight 7600 pounds
SMID: 104-2857-096
Condition: Reconditioned
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filmtec-6-in-r-o-membrane-sw30-6040 Image

Filmtec 6 in R.O. Membrane SW30-6040

NSN: 4610-01-105-2075
Dow Filmtec / Hydranautics 6 inch SW30-6040 reverse osmosis membrane. For use in military style 600 gph ROWPU, watermaker. Several available. NSN 4610011052075 Lowest cost surplus RO Membranes (click here)
SMID: 104-3558-166
Condition: Surplus - New unused

expansion-tank-5135123-low-profile Image

Expansion Tank 5135123, low profile

Expansion Tank 5135123, fits 6V-53 etc. Available with or without end plates shown.
SMID: 104-8115-304
Condition: Good

expansion-tank-12v-71 Image

Expansion Tank 12V-71

Expansion Tank, Detroit Diesel 12V-71
SMID: 104-8117-062
Condition: Good
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circuit-breaker-navy-gould-kns1600hr-a Image

Circuit Breaker Navy, Gould KNS1600HR A

NSN: 5925-01-170-4134
Circuit Breaker Navy, Gould KNS1600HR A, Navy Type ACB 1600 HR, NSN 5925011704134, Date 6-84 pole 3 volts AC Serial NO15084, Overhauled by Mare Island Naval Island Naval Shipyard Circuit Breaker Facility Date 1-5-93
SMID: 104-9407-650
Condition: Rebuilt

vickers-pump-v201p91c11-d-7-0-ld Image

Vickers Pump V201P91C11 d 7 0 ld

Vickers Hydraulic Pump V201P91C11 d 7 0 ld, set up for Detroit Diesel, come off of cam drive
SMID: 105-1063-233
Condition: Good

12v-71-front-pto-housing-5117491 Image

12V-71 Front PTO Housing 5117491

12V-71 Front PTO Housing 5117491, SAE 3
SMID: 105-1633-715
Condition: Good

sundstrand-hydraulic-motor-2503022fm Image

Sundstrand Hydraulic Motor, 2503022FM

Sundstrand Hydraulic Motor, 2503022FM, 05RH50045 used in marine application for boat
SMID: 105-3209-395
Condition: Good

ingersoll-rand-rotary-air-compressor Image

Ingersoll Rand rotary Air Compressor

Ingersoll-Rand rotary Air Compressor. 125 SCFM.Driven by Detroit Diesel 2-53. Hydraulic starter with engine driven hydraulic pump, manual pump. Unit runs, produces air.
116 Hrs on unit. Serial no. 2D21123
SMID: 107-2888-125
Condition: Good

planetary-hydraulic-winch Image

Planetary Hydraulic Winch

Planetary Hydraulic Winch. Kinematics Manufacturing, Inc. Model KPL-8C. Rated at 8000 lb / 166 fpm Powered by hydraulic gear motor through a 33:1 double stage planetary. With automatic disc static brake.
SMID: 107-4700-827
Condition: New

expansion-tank-12v-71-heat-exchanger-set-up Image

Expansion Tank 12V-71, Heat Exchanger Set Up

Expansion Tank 12V-71, Heat Exchanger Set Up, 5117713. No core. Includes mounting brackets, as pictured
SMID: 107-4971-465
Condition: Good

sendure-heat-exchanger Image

Sendure Heat Exchanger

Sendure Heat Exchanger. Part no. 1026-2-7. New in box. 1 inch inlet and outlet
SMID: 107-5830-943
Condition: Surplus - New unused

25-sheaves Image

25" Sheaves

25" Sheaves. For 2"shaft. Driven by 5 "V" belts. Off of Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit. Cast iron. As pictured, 2 available. More Info
SMID: 107-7555-473
Condition: Good

gorman-rupp-6-x-6-pump-600-gpm-detroit-3-53 Image

Gorman-Rupp 6 X 6 pump 600 gpm, Detroit 3-53

Gorman-Rupp 6 X 6 pump 600 gpm w/ Detroit 3-53 as pictured
SMID: 107-7753-995
Condition: As is

bell-housing-adapter Image

Bell Housing Adapter

Bell Housing Adapter. For SAE 0 to SAE 1. Several available. Also available SAE 1/2 to SAE 1. Call for other available sizes.
SMID: 107-7819-379
Condition: Excellent

pneumatic-valve Image

Pneumatic Valve

EA1038C, Boston Gear Pneumatic operated control valve. 1 1/2" plug valve. New in box
SMID: 107-8325-972
Condition: New

pto-for-twin-disc-mg-514-spec-30238 Image

PTO for Twin Disc MG-514. Spec #30238

Top mount power take-off for Twin Disc model MG-514 marine transmission. Output shaft 1 1/2" diameter with 6 1/2" raised face flange, six bolt pattern, 6 1/2" across bolt holes. In excellent condition. Part no. X9804B, Spec no. 30238
SMID: 107-9022-406
Condition: Excellent

hydraulic-power-take-off-mg-514-spec-34586 Image

Hydraulic Power Take Off MG-514 spec 34586

Top Mount Hydraulic Power Take Off for Twin Disc MG-514, XA7139 100 hp @1800 rpm spec 34586 unused
SMID: 107-9742-378
Condition: Surplus - New unused

a1-1874e83-meritor-one-way-sprag Image

A1-1874E83, Meritor One Way Sprag

NSN: 2520-00-513-5811
M35 Military Transfer Case T-136 Sprague A1 1874E83. Sprag gear. One way sprag, 5" diameter, for 2" shaft w/ 3/8" keyway, 2 3/4" deep. Part no. 8757708. Meritor part number A1-1874E83. NSN 2520005135811
SMID: 108-1547-930
Condition: Surplus - New unused

ddec-power-supply-panel Image

DDEC Power Supply Panel

DDEC Power Supply Panel. As pictured.
SMID: 108-6110-060
Condition: Excellent

heavy-duty-motor-mounts Image

Heavy Duty Motor Mounts

Heavy Duty Motor Mounts. 1" diameter mount stud, 4 3/4" long. Mount height, base to top of stud 9 1/2". With adjusting nuts and lock nuts. Hard rubber mounted. 6 1/2" between base securing holes. 4 available.
SMID: 108-6112-707
Condition: Surplus - New unused
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heat-exchanger-by-young-radiator Image

Heat Exchanger by Young Radiator

Heat Exchanger by Young Radiator. Model no. HF-201-HY-1P. Part no. 307008. Serial no. 2294593. Max operating pressures: Shell: 250 psi, Tube: 150 psi. Max operating temp 350 psi. shell fittings 1" pipe, tube side 1/2". As pictured, tube fittings reduced to 3/8" pipe. Shown with AMF / CUNO filter, model DDS. LOA 14". New
SMID: 108-6214-415
Condition: New

murphy-l-129-swichgage Image

Murphy L-129 Swichgage

Murphy L-129 Swichgage. 3 Instruments in one: High lube level contact, low lube level contact, visual monitor. Simple and effective, one wire to ground protection against low oil level or high level caused by overfill, or water / fuel seepage into crankcase. Several available in box, never used.
SMID: 108-6627-827
Condition: Surplus - New unused

6017-fag-bearing-ball-annular-skf-no-6017j Image


NSN: 3110-00-555-5423
Ball Bearing FAG no. 6017. SKF no. 6017J. Inside Diameter: 85 mm, 3.3465 in. Outside Diameter: 130 mm, 5.1181 in. Width: 22 mm, 0.8661 in. National Stock no. 311-00-555-5423, 3110005555423, 311 00 555 5423. New in box. 100 available.
SMID: 108-6644-357
Condition: Surplus - New unused

automatic-reset-contacts-pn-t-40-8234 Image

Automatic Reset Contacts. PN T-40 8234

Automatic Reset Contacts. PN T-40 8234. 24VDC. 30 sec time delay. 3A 120 VAC Max.
SMID: 108-6789-966
Condition: Surplus - New unused

diode-caterpillar-pn-6l3500 Image

Diode. Caterpillar PN 6L3500

Diode. Caterpillar PN 6L3500. New in box
SMID: 108-6790-126
Condition: Surplus - New unused

selenium-rectifiers-pn-6rs21vr4d Image

Selenium Rectifiers PN 6RS21VR4D

NSN: 5920-00-854-4854
Selenium Rectifiers. Lockheed Martin part number 6RS21VR4D. Dresser part number 130A083F01. New, several available. NSN 5920008544854
SMID: 108-6791-195
Condition: Surplus - New unused

supressor-caterpillar-pn-8l4868 Image

Supressor. Caterpillar PN 8L4868.

Supressor. Caterpillar PN 8L4868. New in box.
SMID: 108-6791-633
Condition: Surplus - New unused

3-way-ball-valve Image

3 Way Ball Valve

Channel Valve 2". 3 way flow diverter valve by PBM. Valve body and flanges 303 stainless steel, internals 316L stainless steel. PN MP-H-17-1.
SMID: 108-6798-845
Condition: Surplus - New unused

delco-brushes-pn-d-702 Image

Delco Brushes PN D-702

Delco Brushes PN D-702. For 24 V generator. Several available.
SMID: 108-6887-572
Condition: Surplus - New unused
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heat-exchanger-harrison-style-tank Image

Heat Exchanger Harrison Style Tank

Heat Exchanger Harrison Style Tank, good used
SMID: 108-8451-423
Condition: Good

gm-heat-exchanger-model-no-he-2416-379 Image

GM Heat Exchanger Model no. HE-2416-379

GM Heat Exchanger Model no. HE-2416-379
SMID: 108-9754-415
Condition: Excellent

perko-sea-strainer Image

Perko Sea Strainer

Perko sea strainer fig no. 500. 2" inlet & outlet.
SMID: 108-9816-163
Condition: Excellent

power-steering-pump Image

Power Steering Pump

Power Steering Pump 19207 1169584 FC
SMID: 108-9823-428
Condition: Excellent

steam-relief-valve Image

Steam Relief Valve

Steam Relief Valve. Anderson-Greenwood series 80 SRV. Part no. 811216-G 125 lb relief setting. All stainless, 1 1/2" pipe fittings. Discharge capacity 1145 SCFM. New, unused.
SMID: 109-5697-255
Condition: New

thermo-control-regulator Image

Thermo Control Regulator

Thermo Control Regulator. Made by Allco Controls. Type TCLE 3 FW 35 6A. Serial no. XB1019 FW35 15B. New, unused.
SMID: 109-5702-751
Condition: New

vickers-hydraulic-pump Image

Vickers Hydraulic Pump

Vickers Hydraulic Pump. As pictured.
SMID: 109-5718-588
Condition: Good