military-mep007b-generator-control-panel Image

Military MEP007B Generator Control Panel

Military MEP007B Generator Control Panel. Complete, as pictured. Removed from working unit.
SMID: 170-8620-605
Condition: Excellent

twin-disc-mg-5091-core Image

Twin Disc MG-5091 Core

Twin Disc MG-5091 Core. 2:1 ratio. Will part out.
SMID: 170-8440-873
Condition: As is
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twin-disc-mg-5082-cores Image

Twin Disc MG-5082 Cores

Twin Disc MG-5082 Cores. Will part out. 2 available, 1:1 ratio.
SMID: 170-8440-650
Condition: As is
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5163809-detroit-diesel-exh-manifold-471-marine Image

5163809, Detroit Diesel Exh Manifold 471 Marine

NSN: 2815-00-789-2544
5163809, Detroit Diesel 4-71 Marine Exhaust Manifold, Flanged. New part numbers 8921706, 23504530. NSN 2815007892544
SMID: 170-8363-014
Condition: Excellent

p74107-carter-electric-fuel-pump Image

P74107, Carter Electric Fuel Pump

P74107, Carter Fuel Pump Electric EFI In-Tank Ford Truck, Pickup, Van, Bronco 1980-1997. New in box, box is not the greatest but all parts ok
SMID: 170-7846-507
Condition: New Old Stock

455587-dodge-sheave Image

455587, Dodge Sheave

455587, Dodge Sheave. 2A5.2B5.6-SDS. 2 Grooves; 5.95" Outside Diameter; Bushed; SDS Bushing Series; A | B Belt Series; 5.2" Pitch Minimum; 5.6" Pitch Maximum; 1/2 To 2" Bushing Bore Range; Keyway. New old stock
SMID: 170-7323-318
Condition: New Old Stock

5168971-detroit-diesel-plate Image

5168971, Detroit Diesel Plate

5168971, Detroit Diesel Plate. Good used
SMID: 170-7239-993
Condition: Good

5155374-detroit-diesel-cushion-engine-support Image

5155374, Detroit Diesel Cushion, Engine Support

NSN: 2990-01-083-0970
5155374, Detroit Diesel Cushion, Engine Support. Group number 11.1072. 10 available. NSN 2990010830970
SMID: 170-7237-475
Condition: Excellent

r504977-john-deere-turbo-coolant-hose Image

R504977 John Deere Turbo Coolant Hose

NSN: 472001545597
R504977 John Deere Turbo Coolant Hose. NSN 472001545597
SMID: 170-7236-572
Condition: New

25-1246-123-uh-60-blackhawk-light-lens Image

25-1246-123, UH-60 Blackhawk Light Lens

NSN: 6220-01-423-2423
25-1246-123, Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopter Light Lens. Made by Grimes Aerospace
Company. NSN 6220014232423
SMID: 170-7234-975
Condition: New

t26322-john-deere-idler-gear Image

T26322, John Deere Idler Gear

T26322, John Deere Idler Gear. Excellent used, 2 available.
SMID: 170-6805-079
Condition: Excellent

john-deere-r135245-and-r134473-r135245-pump-core Image

John Deere R135245, and R134473, R135245 Pump Core

John Deere R135245, and R134473 6068 Oil Pump Gear and Capacitator Housing Assembly R135245. Core, as pictured.
SMID: 170-6629-394
Condition: Core

r39741-john-deere-hydraulic-pump-port-plug Image

R39741, John Deere Hydraulic Pump Port Plug

NSN: 5365-01-219-3110
R39741, John Deere Hydraulic Pump Port Plug. Excellent used, 7 available. NSN 5365012193110
SMID: 170-6628-247
Condition: Excellent

9409058-detroit-diesel-bolt Image

9409058, Detroit Diesel Bolt

NSN: 5305-00-499-5044
9409058, Detroit Diesel Bolt, 1/2-20 x 1 inch Castellated. Sold in lots of 10 bolts, 4 lots available. NSN 5305004995044
SMID: 170-6627-322
Condition: New

r502052-john-deere-water-pump-core Image

R502052, John Deere Water Pump Core

R502052, John Deere Water Pump Core. Offered as-is, in core condition.
SMID: 170-6626-611
Condition: Core

re167154-john-deere-elbow-fitting Image

RE167154, John Deere Elbow Fitting

RE167154, John Deere Elbow Fitting. 4 available.
SMID: 170-6554-712
Condition: New

3sr2a4-rotary-switch Image

3SR2A4, Rotary Switch

NSN: 5930-01-222-8532
3SR2A4, Rotary Switch. Made by Arrow H-H. Waterproof, 30A, 450 VAC, 250VDC. Used, as pictured. NSN 5930012228532
SMID: 170-6546-466
Condition: Good

6463665-ac-oil-pressure-sending-unit Image

6463665, AC Oil Pressure Sending Unit

NSN: 6620-01-071-8986
6463665, AC Oil Pressure Sending Unit (part number on item: 400 6463665 224 98). Caterpillar part number 7W2118. NSN 6620010718986
SMID: 170-6543-856
Condition: New Old Stock

5136610-detroit-diesel-water-outlet-cover Image

5136610, Detroit Diesel Water Outlet Cover

NSN: 2815-00-921-5378
5136610, Detroit Diesel Water Outlet Cover. For heads on 53 Series engines. Several available. NSN 2815009215378
SMID: 170-6290-841
Condition: Excellent

5173645-detroit-diesel-exhaust-mfld-cover-plate Image

5173645, Detroit Diesel Exhaust Mfld Cover Plate

NSN: 5340-00-980-1529
5173645, Detroit Diesel Exhaust Manifold Cover Plate. New part number 5119921. Seven available. NSN 5340009801529
SMID: 170-6286-499
Condition: Excellent

5155879-detroit-diesel-governor-bracket Image

5155879, Detroit Diesel Governor Bracket

5155879, Detroit Diesel IL-71 Hydraulic Governor Bracket. For model C engines. Used, as pictured
SMID: 170-6210-966
Condition: Excellent

5155880-detroit-diesel-governor-bracket Image

5155880, Detroit Diesel Governor Bracket

5155880, Detroit Diesel IL-71 Hydraulic Governor Bracket. For model A engines. Used, as pictured
SMID: 170-6210-284
Condition: Excellent

3l5919-caterpillar-governor-shaft-spring Image

3L5919, Caterpillar Governor Shaft Spring

NSN: 5360-00-847-4769
3L5919, Caterpillar Governor Shaft Spring. 5 available. NSN 5360008474769
SMID: 170-6194-435
Condition: New

5145166-detroit-diesel-throttle-spring-bracket Image

5145166, Detroit Diesel Throttle Spring Bracket

NSN: 5342-01-238-0240
5145166, Detroit Diesel Bracket, Throttle Booster Spring. Includes tension adjuster pictured. Used, in excellent condition. For V-71, 92 Series engines. NSN 5342012380240
SMID: 170-6119-389
Condition: Excellent

5101192-detroit-diesel-aftercooler-water-elbow Image

5101192, Detroit Diesel Aftercooler Water Elbow

NSN: 4730-01-160-5658
5101192, Detroit Diesel Aftercooler Water Outlet Elbow With tube. Casting number on elbow 5101190. Used on V-71, 92 Series engines. Used, in excellent condition. NSN 4730011605658
SMID: 170-6114-463
Condition: Excellent

5117565-detroit-diesel-exhaust-valve-bridge Image

5117565, Detroit Diesel Exhaust Valve Bridge

NSN: 2815-00-731-4335
5117565, Detroit Diesel Exhaust Valve Bridge, 71 Series. Used, as pictured. 20 plus available. NSN 2815007314335
SMID: 170-6109-733
Condition: Good

detroit-diesel-9200-series-injector-cores Image

Detroit Diesel 9200 Series Injector Cores

Detroit Diesel 9200 Series Injector Cores. 4 available, all racks move
SMID: 170-6035-253
Condition: Core

5159468-detroit-diesel-oil-cooler-lines Image

5159468, Detroit Diesel Oil Cooler Lines

5159468, Detroit Diesel Oil Cooler Lines. Used, as pictured.
SMID: 170-6031-983
Condition: Excellent

qs-4-2tc-military-genset-cold-start-solenoid Image

QS-4-2TC Military Genset Cold Start Solenoid

NSN: 4810-01-067-8276
QS-4-2TC, Quick-Start Military Genset Cold Start Solenoid. Used, tested ok. NSN 4810010678276
SMID: 170-6022-753
Condition: Good

at225083-john-deere-seal-kit Image

AT225083, John Deere Seal Kit

NSN: 3805-01-567-5777
AT225083, John Deere Seal Kit. Used in Pin disconnect valve, John Deere 544K High-Lift Wheel Loader. 11 kits available.
NSN 3805015675777
SMID: 170-5682-340
Condition: New

8343161-emd-o-rings Image

8343161, EMD O-rings

NSN: 5330-00-922-3462
8343161, General Motors EMD O-rings. Price is for pack of 10 each, 9 packs available. NSN 5330009223462.
SMID: 170-5680-781
Condition: New

191-440-wartsila-o-ring-seal Image

191-440, Wartsila O-ring Seal

191-440, Wartsila O-ring Seal. 12 available.
SMID: 170-5679-282
Condition: New

3h0976-caterpillar-o-ring-pack-of-6 Image

3H0976, Caterpillar O-ring, Pack of 6

NSN: 5331-00-949-6232
3H0976, Caterpillar O-ring, Pack of 6. NSN 5331009496232
SMID: 170-5677-924
Condition: New

23504350-detroit-diesel-fuel-connection-seal Image

23504350, Detroit Diesel Fuel Connection Seal

23504350, Detroit Diesel Fuel Connection Seal. Sold in lot of 200 seals.
SMID: 170-5674-785
Condition: New

5h7704-caterpillar-o-ring-by-ipd Image

5H7704, Caterpillar O-ring by IPD

NSN: 5331-00-713-8660
5H7704, Caterpillar O-ring by IPD. Selling as 1 Lot of 5 O-rings. NSN 5331007138660
SMID: 170-5673-896
Condition: New

119770-00730-yanmar-marine-fresh-water-pump Image

119770-00730, Yanmar Marine Fresh Water Pump

NSN: 2930-01-498-3692
119770-00730, Yanmar Marine Fresh Water Pump. for Yanmar Engine 6LPA. 3 available. NSN 2930014983692
SMID: 170-5597-075
Condition: New

119773-42502-yanmar-raw-water-pump Image

119773-42502, Yanmar Raw Water Pump

NSN: 2930-01-498-4734
119773-42502, Yanmar Raw Water Pump. 119773-42502, 119773-42501, 119773-42500, 119773-42650, Johnson 10-24493-01, 10-24493. For 6LPA series marine engines. NSN 2930014984734
SMID: 170-5594-267
Condition: New

5226464-emd-plunger-and-barrel-assembly Image

5226464, EMD Plunger and Barrel Assembly

NSN: 2910-01-340-4089
5226464, General Motors EMD Plunger and Barrel Assembly. Includes bushing. Used in EMD Injector 5226210. For application with 645E3 thru E9 high, 645E3B, 645E3A thru 645F, 645F3. 36 available. NSN 2910013404089
SMID: 170-5591-461
Condition: New

815bov4-alan-bradley-overload-relay Image

815BOV4, Alan Bradley Overload Relay.

NSN: 5945-00-835-3629
815BOV4, Alan Bradley Overload Relay. Series K. Manual reset, 1 pole. For size 00-1 starter, 600 VAC. NSN 5945008353629
SMID: 170-5510-709
Condition: New

700-nm400a1-allen-bradley-latch-relay Image

700-NM400A1, Allen Bradley Latch Relay

NSN: 5945-00-627-1152
700-NM400A1, Allen Bradley Latch Relay. Series E. Removed from working unit. 3 available. NSN 5945006271152
SMID: 170-5508-833
Condition: Excellent