XR500B-400 Power-Tronics Voltage Regulator 400 Hz

XR500B-400 Power-Tronics Universal Voltage Regulator, 400 Hz.
Input Voltage: 120-240 VAC
Max Output Voltage: 52/105/21 VDC
Min Field Resistance: 10/21/42 Ohms
Burden: 260/525/1050 va
Type Regulation: Flat Response
Hz: 400
Regulation Accuracy: /- 1% or less
Min Build Up Voltage 3.5 VAC
Includes Rheostat
Price: $500.00Domestic Shipping: $8.40, Call for International Shipping.

Mfg NumberXR500B-400
Surplusman No.160-8738-148

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